Day 7 Starts!

Welcome to the Week 1 finale of Soap City!

Dive right in and enjoy Day 7 — and if you missed any of the previous days, there’s a link in the menu bar marked STORY. That’s where you’ll want to go.

After Day 7 finishes posting, there will be a brief hiatus while I put the finishing touches on Week 2.

I’m also tweaking the rules of play slightly to accommodate some of the Wants that are showing up. That will be detailed when Week 2 starts.

Stay tuned!

Welcome to Day 5!

Up to now, Soap City hasn’t lived up to its name all that well. (I blame the residents. They’re the ones telling the story.) Day 5 features more and more interaction, relationships, and… yeah, I got nuthin’.

Check the Story tab in the header menu for the complete saga.

It’s Day 4!

Mysterious disappearances! A birth! Even a bit of boredom in some houses! These sims are living the dream. Except for the disappearances, I guess. Will we ever learn what happened to Kevin and Brittany? Will there be closure for those left behind? Will Timothy Maddox ever get a job?

Stay tuned! Some of these questions will be answered in Day 4!

If you’re new here, you can catch up on previous “episodes” by clicking the Story link in the menu bar.

Day 3 Ahoy!

The residents of Sim Valley are a varied bunch. Some have clicked. Some are on their way to becoming lifelong enemies.

In Day 3… some will vanish.

Remember, if you’ve missed any of the previous days in the lives of the Sim Valley residents, use the story link in the menu bar to get caught up.

Day 2 Begins Today!

Here it is, regular as clockwork! Over the last two weeks, you have met the residents of Sim Valley (or, as I like to call it, Soap City). Now learn what happens next, now that everyone is all settled in. Some have nice surprises in store for them. Others will receive nasty jolts.

It’s Day 2 — go take a look.

(If you missed Day 1, you can find it in the Story link in the header menu.)

It Starts!

Soap City is back! We’re starting from the beginning, because no one visited this site in its original incarnation, which often went years between posts. Every two weeks, a new day in the life of Sim Valley will begin in this space — at least for the first sim-week of their lives. (The Week 1 updates are already scheduled to be released every other day. Check back in two days for the adventures of the Maddox brothers.)

Dive right in! Day 1 awaits…

Soap City Will Return…

It has been four years since Soap City was rebooted.

There was only supposed to be a short hiatus, due to some impending life-changes, including a cross-country move. Sorry about that.

Now, as Week Two is finally being played, experience the saga from the beginning. (In television, this is what would be called a re-run.)

We’re coming back. And we’re bringing the entire Soap City gang.