Day 6 – Overview / Recap

What you’re looking at is the calm before the storm. Things are about to change in Sim Valley, and some of those changes won’t necessarily be for the better.

Here’s what happened on Day 5, in each plumbobbed house, from left to right:

Victoria Davis — Victoria spent the day in bed, then at work. She took a late-night trip to the clothing store in town, where she chatted up Jordan Buchanan and Tasha Smith. Is she playing with fire?

Devon Carson, his wife Annie, and their daughter Sydney — New parents Annie and Devon spent the day with their baby girl, oblivious to the world outside their door. Even when the notorious newspaper thief Anthony stopped by to purloin their paper. Are they in for a reality check?

Ginny Smith and her sister Tasha — Promotions, paper-snatching, and a party! In spite of Victoria Davis stopping by and giving Yolanda Gellar a difficult time, it was a great day. Are they just in denial?

Timothy Maddox and his brother Cameron — Tasha Smith got a crush on Tim. Anthony stole their paper, too. And Cameron played chess. Are things about to blow up in their faces?

Yolanda Gellar — Still missing Brittany, Yolanda tried to get on with her life, going through as normal a day as she could. Even so, she leaned on Jordan Buchanan when he called. Will the walls close in on her?

Anthony Parker and his roommate Steven Ennis — Anthony got a job (besides newspaper thief), and Victoria Davis stopped by to give Steven a few peltings with water balloons. Things continued on as normal otherwise. Is fate planning a nasty surprise for them?

Jordan Buchanan and his sister Erica — Cameron Maddox and Yolanda Gellar came to visit, much to the siblings’ delight. Best friendship and love were in the air. Then, Erica hit a knee and asked Cameron to marry her. He refused and went home, leaving Erica heart-broken. Is this merely a precursor of worse things to come?

Strap yourself in, now. Because today… on Day 6… someone will die.

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