Day 6 – Parker / Ennis House

No sooner has Anthony gone off to his first day as a Recruit than a bolt of lightning ignites a tree, sending Steven into a panic. Luckily, the rain puts out the fire.


It’s the return of the diary behavior! Anthony comes home from work in time to catch Steven writing about his burning tree encounter.


Steven discovers a love of Sports, but wishes his housemate would be a little nicer about playing. “Really, Anthony, you don’t have to throw the ball so hard!”


Around 7:30, Victoria Davis calls to talk to Anthony, but he has already gone to bed. Military life is hard.


I still can’t get over a sloppy sim cleaning up. At two in the morning, even!


This is more like it, with Anthony flinging food everywhere as he eats.


With only about 20 minutes before the carpool comes, Anthony does a little exercise to help get in shape. He finds that he enjoys fitness.


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