Day 6 – Gellar House

With about an hour left until the carpool comes, Yolanda invites Jordan Buchanan over – to take her mind off of Brittany’s disappearance. Or so she’s telling herself.


Within minutes they’re in love.


Her heart is so full, she bursts into spontaneous serenade!


Cuddling on the ground? New one on me, but they seem to be enjoying it.


But their bliss is short-lived, because it’s time for Yolanda to go to work.


In the middle of her shift, she is given the same choice she’s been given twice before. She picks blue.


And breaks another coffee pot. Poor Yolanda just can’t catch a break at this place!


Or maybe she can! She comes home with a promotion to Lab Assistant!


Much of the remainder of her evening is spent watching movies and reading a cookbook. She’s in bed by 9:30.


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