Day 6 – Buchanan House

Hoping to salvage what’s left of their relationship, Erica calls Cameron Maddox over to talk about what happened. He agrees to come over.


Their hello is promising, at least.


And she wins him over with a single flirt.


In the hope of earning a mechanical skill point, Jordan unclogs the toilet and learns he really likes tinkering with things.


Jordan invites Yolanda Gellar over and shares a kiss with his own love while his sister and her beau celebrate their reconciliation over grilled cheese sandwiches.


He goes for it, repeating his sister’s actions of yesterday: “Yolanda Gellar, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”


“Yes, you silly farm boy! Of course I’ll marry you!” Thus fulfilling a giant Want for Jordan!


It’s not that Erica isn’t happy for them, but she doesn’t appreciate her soon-to-be sister-in-law badmouthing her.


This scene looks familiar: Haven’t these two had to make small talk before because the Buchanan siblings went off to do something without them?


Jordan is hoping that all three of them will soon be related by marriage, so what better way to maintain the closeness than through a rousing game of kicky bag?


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