Day 6 – Davis House

This was most of Victoria’s morning: Studying cooking.


She took an early afternoon break because the phone rang, but it was only a solicitation for Cuisine Magazine. She accepted.


After a quick bath, she decided to spend her day off… you guessed it… studying cooking.


“Dear Diary, I’m still not a huge fan of Annie Carson, but my feud with her is beginning to die down.”


“Today I’ve done a lot of studying, but more than that, thinking.”


“Yolanda Gellar is my new target. For now, it is her life I will turn into hell.” (It has to do with the poke-fest at the Smith party. Yolanda is currently Furious with Victoria, and she even had a Want to see Victoria as a zombie!)


When Jordan Buchanan calls from out of the blue, this may be the opportunity she’s looking for. If she can break up Jordan and Yolanda…


Sadly for her (but fortunately for Yolanda?), her plan is not to pass. Victoria spent so much time on her diary and on the phone, to the exclusion of all else, that she has starved to death!


Good-bye, Victoria Davis. We hope you can find peace in your eternal slumber.


(I heard this happened sometimes, but had never actually seen it before. I had to snap this shot!)


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