Day 6 – Carson House

Annie takes a quick perusal through a book on parenting. It is her hope that she will be able to read Sydney’s signals better.


Since they happen to have a little money, Annie buys a car.


She’s in a bad mood, in part because of the mess their house has become since Sydney’s birth. Yet the neat freak isn’t doing anything about it. And neither is her husband.


Gratuitous baby shot!


Oh, look! Sydney grew into a toddler! Sad thing is, though, she looks like a boy.


I’m not really sure that’s better, but it will have to do for now.


Father and daughter, bonding over the spoken word. This session will not be sufficient to fully teach her to talk, but it’s a start.


This walls-down shot is to illustrate that Annie and Devon’s parenting book did them no good. They’re outside cuddling under the stars while their baby girl is crying to be let out of her crib.


“Once upon a time…” (Devon is only reading to Sydney because she asked him to.)


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