Day 6 – Maddox House

Once again, nothing is available in the culinary field. This is Tim’s dream career.


Studying cooking, Cameron discovers an enjoyment of cuisine as a hobby.


“Hi, Tasha! Great to see you! Glad you could come over!” At least, that’s what Tim would be saying if they were actually talking right now.


Tasha Smith has fallen in love. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Tim reciprocates.


Oh, these two… Cameron greets Erica Buchanan the same way she greeted him at her house.


He wastes no time making his move.


They kiss…


…make out…


…and – Oops! The censors are going to get me for this one!


The lovebirds fall asleep in the afterglow of their passion.


When they awake, right there in the bedroom in their underwear, he does what she tried to do the day before. (He has no particular Want to get engaged, but he does Fear rejection for it.)


Unlike him, though, she says, with no hesitation, “YES! Oh, yes yes yes yes yes!”


Meanwhile, Tim and Tasha are bonding over chess and discussions of music.


GOOSED! (Tasha liked it, and for some reason, the action put Tim in love.)


Some choices are simply impossible to make. Driving on the sidewalk should never be one of them. Sad to say, it serves you right, Cameron.


Poor Cam has to make his walk of shame in the rain.


After being cheered up a little by his brother, Cameron immediately dives into the want-ads. It’s a demotion, but another hospital is willing to hire him as an EMT.


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