Day 7 – Overview / Recap

Change is inevitable. When next we recap, one of these green lights will be gone. Some of the remaining lights will represent new configurations of residents in Sim Valley. And still to come: A shocking revelation that won’t actually be revealed until Day 8!

The triumphs and tragedies of Day 6 are chronicled here, in each plumbobbed house, from left to right:

Victoria Davis — Her final day on earth was spent studying, writing in her diary, plotting against Yolanda Gellar, and talking to Jordan Buchanan on the telephone. She starved to death by placing her schemes above her own needs.

Devon Carson, his wife Annie, and their daughter Sydney — A new car! A messy house! Sydney became a toddler! Syd’s parents, however, put their own desires above the needs of their daughter.

Ginny Smith and her sister Tasha — Tasha became best friends with Tim Maddox. She also got herself a promotion. The bad news is… that’s all that happened.

Timothy Maddox and his brother Cameron — Love was in the air! Tim wooed Tasha Smith. Cameron WooHooed with Erica Buchanan! Then he popped the question! Sadly, it wasn’t all happiness, as he then got fired from his job. The night ended on an up beat as he got another job in the same field.

Yolanda Gellar — Yolanda invited Jordan Buchanan over, and the two fell in love just before she had to leave for work. She broke another coffee machine, but that didn’t stop her from getting a promotion.

Anthony Parker and his roommate Steven Ennis — Stormy weather, in more ways than one: Lightning struck and set a tree ablaze, to be put out by the falling rain. Steven and Anthony get along all right, but Anthony’s mean nature drove him to throw the ball harder than he needed to during a game of catch.

Jordan Buchanan and his sister Erica — Erica reconciled with Cameron Maddox, and Jordan asked Yolanda Gellar to marry him. Trouble may be brewing, though, because Erica and Yolanda didn’t seem to be getting along.

Let the changes commence.

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