Day 7 – Maddox House

First thing in the morning, Cameron’s ride arrives for his new job.


Sadly, he sleeps right through it and misses his first day!


Feeling it’s time for a new look, he heads to the clothing store in town, but changes his mind once he gets there. Instead, he decides to see what games might pique his interest. (Why, yes, I did know this game is dated!)


His fiancee even walks in at one point, but he’s too busy to notice her.


I officially hate this guy! He’s the Unsavory Charlatan and was introduced in the Bon Voyage expansion. He was intended to swindle and rob people who go on vacation, but he seems to also hang around on community lots in the neighborhoods. Wants Method sims are powerless to stop them unless they have a fear of being robbed.


(Even in a store, the Carsons’ love for each other is sickening.)


Cameron finally stops browsing the games long enough to chat up Annie Carson, but the conversation doesn’t go so well.


Eventually he gives up, goes home, and studies up on the art of Happiness.


Tim’s day wasn’t particularly interesting. He gave himself a grasp of couple’s counseling – dunno why he rolled that Want – and played chess.


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