Day 7 – Parker / Ennis House

The first interesting thing that happens in this house is when Anthony comes home – with a promotion! Elite Forces, indeed.


I’m starting to think my game is programmed to only give bad answers on the Chance cards. Poor Steven.


Although he doesn’t actually need it for his next promotion, Anthony hits the ropes to try to get in shape. (I find it only slightly ironic that his Turn-Off is fitness.)


They’re a double threat, as Steven also comes home with a promotion! Hello, Bagman! Unfortunately, he also comes home with a cold.


And this is the best cure for a cold. (Later, I get the message that Steven healthy again, so when he awakes, his cold will be gone.)


With Anthony’s love of fitness (and a Want to go swimming), a small pool is built behind their house.


(Someone must have forgotten to tell him that the “Dead Man’s Float” should have him facing down.)


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