Day 7 – Buchanan House

When Erica gets up for the day, her brother has already moved out. She gets a little lonely, but realizes that just means she’ll be able to have Cameron Maddox move in. She’ll call him tonight before she goes to work.


A very large part of the day is spent between writing in her diary and mopping up puddles created by her broken bath tub. (All autonomous actions, because none of her Wants relate to doing anything I can control just yet.)


Jordan calls to check on her at one point, but she seems less than thrilled to hear from him at first. (She’s just miffed that he moved out without saying good-bye.)


And then Cameron calls before she has a chance to call him. They talk for only a few minutes, though, as she wants him to come over so she can ask him something.


With the carpool waiting to take her to work, she asks him to move in with her. He gladly agrees!


First order of business in his new home? Hiring a maid service.


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