Day 1 – Gellar / Fields House

Oh, poor, sweet, vulnerable Brittany Fields (just left of center, in tears). See that bald woman whose custom hair will be replaced once we visit her house? Yeah, the one in the black dress. Her name is Victoria Davis. She is part of the welcome wagon, but when Brittany greets them, she immediately goes into a shouting frenzy. In this picture, you can see Ginny -- I think -- behind her and Jordan Buchanan as well... and Annie Carson (in pink) did a walk-by earlier, to be greeted by Yolanda (not pictured).

And speaking of Annie, we learn early on that Victoria isn't a very nice sim -- she even makes Annie cry! Hooray, conflict?

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Day 1 – Parker / Ennis House

Sometimes the sim psyche is a mysterious creature. For example, Steven Ennis wants to become a career criminal. (And, since the Wants Method is in force here, his Want is granted...) I just don't get it. But then, I don't have to, I suppose. There isn't a job in the Slacker track for Anthony, who decides to eat his lunch in front of Devon Carson. How rude!

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Day 1 – Maddox House

Cameron Maddox decides that the first order of business isto get himself a job in the Medical career field. After all, he is a Knowledge sim, and that is one of the preferred fields. Timothy, on the other hand, finds himself unconcerned with the pursuits of the common laborer and scours the phone book for potential friends.

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