Day 2 – Carson House

Now this picture shows how much Devon Carson loves his wife. See, he had made her some toaster pastries for breakfast, but after she ate them, her stomach felt a little queasy. She barely made it to the bathroom before heaving breakfast into the toilet. She stood, wiped her mouth off, and promptly keeled over to heave again. Hoping against hope that her husband hadn’t poisoned her, she slipped into the tub to wash off any remaining particles of… let’s just say her “sick”…

Darling Devon, of course, being the loving husband he is, takes it upon himself to clean the horrible mess of a toilet as she bathes. His name shouldn’t be Devon — it should be Devotion!


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Day 1 – Parker / Ennis House

Sometimes the sim psyche is a mysterious creature. For example, Steven Ennis wants to become a career criminal. (And, since the Wants Method is in force here, his Want is granted...) I just don't get it. But then, I don't have to, I suppose. There isn't a job in the Slacker track for Anthony, who decides to eat his lunch in front of Devon Carson. How rude!

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