Day 5 – Smith House

Congratulations on your promotion to Field Sales Representative, Ginny! You’re moving right on up that Business career ladder.


Not to be outdone by her sister, Tasha has been promoted to Intern. Way to go! In no time at all, I see you as Mayor Tasha Smith.


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Day 1 – Gellar / Fields House

Oh, poor, sweet, vulnerable Brittany Fields (just left of center, in tears). See that bald woman whose custom hair will be replaced once we visit her house? Yeah, the one in the black dress. Her name is Victoria Davis. She is part of the welcome wagon, but when Brittany greets them, she immediately goes into a shouting frenzy. In this picture, you can see Ginny -- I think -- behind her and Jordan Buchanan as well... and Annie Carson (in pink) did a walk-by earlier, to be greeted by Yolanda (not pictured).

And speaking of Annie, we learn early on that Victoria isn't a very nice sim -- she even makes Annie cry! Hooray, conflict?

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